Havn't the emo bastards learnt how to spell?? sigh look below fuckwits. I wasn't aware I had "frinds" or "freinds"...shame.
P.s Im not a redneck or a "cool" person, infact Im not even fucking American (thank fuck), Im not emo, Im not goth, Im not chav, Im not townie, Im not whatever. Im an average completely un biased slightly strange internet freak, and just because I dont like people who cannot support their own side of the argument intelligently, without insulting,shit loads of spelling mistakes, and who constantly claim that nobody understands, does not mean Im a "fascist" or a "conformist". It simply means Im human.
some examples on this very page:

.non existent cause there no suh thing. emo batsard...lame
the emo bastard is non existant.

.Non-existent:This is the lamest attemt at trying to be cool rednecks, by trying to bash emo.

.Sounds to me like one of your " freinds" left you for a real punk rockin' emo.

.It's highly unlikely, they steal your frinds
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