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School started in 1814 by Emma Willard, the school's namesake.
Both boarders and day students attend, though the day students are made fun of, for simply living close.
Don't count on sleeping if you go here. At all. No sleep for you.
If you were the kid that did all the work in group projects, you belong at Emma Willard.
by horsiesloveyou October 09, 2013
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A woman in the 1800's who started the first all girls school in 1814. Now in Troy, New York, Emma Willard School is a lovely place where girls (who board) have no access to the outside world for nine months of the year and only have the RPI frat houses across the street for guys (but that doesn't even count). The only thing good about the school are the kitchen guys, but they all have girlfriends.
Her parents sent her away to the Emma Willard School so that she could get a proper education surrounded by girls and no guys at all.
by iloveemma August 08, 2005
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