he was never a member of NWA, as has been stated here. its almost comical to suggest he was, seeing as to how it stands for niggaz with attitude, and the fact that they were out way before he rapped.
eminem, like any famous person, has false info spread about them.
by urthogie November 14, 2005
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A famous white MC who is notorious for his offensive lyrics and vulgarity.

He's probably the most technically skilled MC of all time. His mult-syllabic rhymes, internal rhyming, and vocabulary is superior to nearly everyone in the game, despite the fact that most Hip Hop heads will try to tell you that underground MC's own him (they wouldn't). They obviously haven't heard the "Infinite" album, which is likely the best album I've heard from ANY MC.

The tracks on "Infinite" are perfect examples of why Eminem is the most skilled MC of all time.

One of his best songs is "Infinite" (first track on the album), and for this example I'll be discussing the second verse.

Notice how he is able to weave a particular vowel sound throughout an entire line (example: "One thought in my cerebral is deeper than a jeep full of people"), and how he can make so many words rhyme (example: "I spoil loyal fans/ I foil plans and leave fluids leaking like oil pans/ My coiled hands/"), rather than just making sure the words and the end of the line rhyme, like most MC's do.

Another example of his lyrical talent is from "Tonight", also on Infinite:

"We travel in packs and ravel in facts and gravel in cracks

To find babbling Max, gaffling tracks

I grapple an axe for them baffling acts

The mysterious stab in the backs who dabble in wax"

He starts off with "we travel in packs" and then makes nearly everything else he says rhyme with that (grapple an axe, stab in the backs, ravel in facts, etc).
Keep in mind that I could give you hundreds of genius lines from him, but I only get to use 1500 characters.

Eminem is top 5 of all time.

Some great songs from him: Infinite, Tonight, 313, Biterphobia, Open Mic, Jealousy Woes II, It's Ok, Role Model, Rock Bottom, Microphone freestyle, Rhymin Wordz freestyle, etc.
by BadMeetsEvil April 15, 2013
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A brilliant rapper with a pretty bad background. Not the kind of guy your mum would want you to bring home. But he is white ruling a balck industry. And never uses the word 'nigga'
Justin Bieber: I had such a hard life growing up with divorced parents
Eminem: That's cute
by Pob09 July 21, 2013
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Marshall Mathers III.. aka Slim Shady.... produced eight Cds... Infinite, Slim Shady EP, Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem Show, 8 Mile, Encore, And Curtain Call greatest hits cd including Fack, Shake dat Ass, and Newly releashed When I'm Gone
Eminem is the best rapper there is!!!
by Eminem411 February 22, 2006
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marshall bruce mathers the third is only the most best and briliant mind in the world. allso known as slim shady and eminem. he has a beautifull daughter called halie jade briggs and a step daughter called layne.
he is curently maried to kim for the second time.
he has relesed 7 solo albums but allso has relesed albums with his group d-12 witch consists of him and five others.
hu ever rote that eminem was a choclate coated candy or wat ever needs to be shot thats blasfull. plus m&ms is splet like that not eminem....duh.
eminem is the most respected white rapper in the world and has the best mind fo rhyming ever!!
by damiens desciples July 13, 2006
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Eminem is a one time Academy award winning and 10 time Grammy award winning artist - he's got talent and he writes about different things from Kim, to Hallie, to his mother etc.. instead of just girls, money, drugs, sex, pimps etc.. all the time: he goes down the list..

And for anyone who doesn't know this, the first gangster was actually white. So how does he think he is black and how's he acting it? How does a black person supposely act?

Regardless of what color he MAY act.. he actually has alot of talent and creativity.
1: Eminem acts like he's fucking black, it's so annoying and he thinks he's so talented.
2: I want to know how a black person supposely acts and why you think Eminem acts like that.
by Oddballz August 04, 2008
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