wow. emilys are perfect. all the emilys I know have beautiful brown eyes. emilys are hilarious. emilys are smart. emilys love long relationships. emilys are stubborn. emilys love unexpected moments. emilys have a hard time controlling what they say and are very outspoken. but once you get to know a emily. she's amazing and very sweet. emilys love adventures. and there's never a dull/ boring moment when you're with an emily. emilys are great huggers. amazing kissers. perfect in bed. usually "freaky" or , like unusual things ( i.e , hair pulling. back scratching. lip biting. being tied up. ) but once you meet an emily, keep her. she's a great friend and very loving and loyal. emilys usually don't think their beautiful or pretty. so if you love an emily. tell her randomly how beautiful she really is and she'll love you. emilys have a hard time falling for someone. but once they do... they fall hard. emilys are keepers. emilys have great,perfect ass / boobs. emilys are in love with blue/green eyes. love athletes. and loves funny people. but once you meet an emily and you think about letting her go, don't. because emilys love to argue just to see who sticks around. keep emilys in your life at all times. you're welcome
emily - wow. I look terrible today.
Andrew - are you kidding. you're perfect.
emily - thank you. you're so sweet
Andrew - ( falls in love with emily )
by ladybug34 February 26, 2015
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The hottest girl alive. usually gives people boners and she is a nice and loyal friend.
person A: "i hope i can go out with an emily tonight"
person B: "i am going out with an emily tonight and we will party!"
by sammiboy12321 January 07, 2008
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An Emily is the most amazing girl to ever walk the Earth. She gets jealous quite frequently and falls for the wrong guys. But when she finds the right guy, never let her go. You will surely regret losing her. She has an amazing smile and you can get lost in her eyes.
Josh: Dude, did you see that girl?

Alex: Yes. What about her?

Josh: She's beautiful. She has to be an Emily.
by We Begin The Hunt Tonight January 05, 2011
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The most amazing, beautiful person you will ever know. She is sweeter than gummy bears and she is spectacularly smart but doesn't exactly think so. She is a gift to the world.
Person 1: "Whoa she is such an Emily."
Person 2: "I know right?"
by Sandwich112233 October 06, 2013
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these girls dont get along with other emilys. their fun to be around. they are so nice they can never break anyones heart.
emily:oh i love you
hank:love you to
by juke101 June 04, 2011
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an amazing friend that you can be true to. she is trustworthy and a strong character. Emily is funny friendly and is a true friend.
I'm so glad that Emily is my friend.
by Beckybb52 March 06, 2012
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