"Emily" is much more fun than many activities, including bowling, skiing, etc. Time is much better spent with Emily than any other character or activity. She makes you laugh when bowling pins don't.
Emily is more fun than bowling.
by sillygoose123 April 07, 2010
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The most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world. One glance at her deep brown eyes and you will be lost. She can calm you down and is the happiness drug to many. Without her the world would collapse. People would rather talk to her than do anything else.
Me: I love you emily, i always have, always will.
Emily: awwwwww thats so sweet.
by a jason with an emily March 01, 2010
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A girl that is amazing at giving head.
Guy 1: Dude, some chick gave me a blowjob last night, she was such an Emily!

Guy 2: I'm so jealous, I wish my girlfriend was an Emily...
by Skaarj7999 December 03, 2010
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A being of mystical proportion. She is quite possibly the greatest karaoke singer of all time, though she hides these talents behind her ninja mask. It is said that her stubborn demeanor has caused many to simply give up in trying to defeat her. She is the only known being to be capable of smiling and then doing an impression of a smile, whilst smiling.
Damn, you see that girl, she's so mystical and ninja like with mad karaoke skills, must be an Emily.
by Mister Deubel February 16, 2010
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Emily's are bitches that live underground and drink the blood of kittens.
by Winnerwinner November 24, 2013
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An overused name that's annoying to have, especially when all the other Emily's are prettier and actually have friends unlike yourself.
1 - "Hey Emily!" , "Hi?", "No, not you the other Emily!"
2 - "Yo, did you see Emily today in homeroom? Cause she looked terrible in that shirt." , "Which Emily?"
by PatheticallyMe April 18, 2017
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Extremely hard working and stays on task. Is a great friend who will always have your back and defend you no-matter want happens. She tries to be funny but it usually doesn't really work out unless she's talking to her parents or her parents' friends. Always happy and tries not to cry in public. Also doesn't like getting other people's help for ANYTHING. She also doesn't like to see people cry and if she does she usually cry's herself especially if they're her friend. Usually has blue or green eyes (sometimes one of each) and if very beautiful. She is shy around boys but once she gets to know them she will stay their friend and usually hope for something more... Emily's are also usually very smart and helps her friends and family with and problem that she can. Emily is a keeper!
Oh Emily you're SUCH a great friend.

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by Name's are over-rates August 29, 2016
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