Amazing brave hot FBI agent on the show Criminal Minds, in love with her non-official wife Jennifer Jareau. She is also a cat lady because she has a cat called sergio
by criminalmindsfan32 November 9, 2020
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The Bau chief from criminal minds and is
also a hot closeted lesbian, who is in love
with JJ and has everyone down on their
“Do you know who Emily prentiss is?”

isn’t she that women who is in love with JJ and looks sexy in red”
by Lexie greys hoe March 9, 2022
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emily prentiss is a raging lesbian with a cat named sergio. she has a crush on her coworker, jennifer jareau. she is so incredibly hot id lay down my life for her. i love you, emily prentiss. she is an amazing profiler and is such a girl boss. (girl boss used ironically) (i hope you’re reading this in the fast voice the people do at the end of the commercials) (emily prentiss with black hair, jennifer with blonde).
emily prentiss is so badass sheeeeeeshh *lip bite*.

literally step on me, emily prentiss.

emily prentiss is such a good profiler!
by bpycc_bri April 9, 2021
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