One of the fakest fucking people ever. She is such a bitch that she can and will turn your friends against you. If she’s nice to you then you know she fucking hates you She will steal your man so fast it’ll give you fucking whiplash she is usually good at sports and is very competitive. She will flirt with someone right in front of you even if you’re dating that person
Emilia is a little bitch
by Grace pop November 21, 2018
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emilia is the person who is always there for you. she is one of the best people on earth. she is beautiful, smart, funny, weird, caring, amazing, loving, etc. she is just what every person needs, if you have a best friend named emilia that means you are one of the luckiest people in the universe. emilia can be a motherfucker/bitch (in a good way). you can count on her with anything! if you find an emilia, hold on to her because when you’ll lose her.........it will be the biggest regret of your life!

p.s. my name is alex, emilia is my best friend since she was born. i love you ems!💕
my best friend Emilia, was ALWAYS there for me when i was sad. i love her with all my heart.
by alex3213 June 23, 2019
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Emilia is the type of girl who is everything. When you first meet her things will be relatively awkward but when you get to know her she will talk a lot to you. She has the best style and is really pretty. She is very sweet but savage at times in the real world she is very shy but very sweet at the same time. There are no words to describe her. She can be into video games if they’re good as well. She probably would be the best person you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t get offended easily but is still a little insecure. She has a heart of gold and is probably one of the best people you will EVER meet.
Person “is that Emilia???? I’ve heard she soo sweet”
Person “I know right you being friends with her is awesome!!”
by MyIBFFsBFF June 06, 2019
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When describing someone in a slutty/sexual manner.
(can refer to the way they dress, speak, act etc.)
Damn, that girl is such an Emilia, look at her skirt!
by Why Hello There. July 12, 2009
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a girl with a stanky pussy and hairy bush who is always full of themselves thinking they know everything.hairy like your mum
oh god, it's the hairy bush monster. emilia
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by poppyohpoo November 27, 2019
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The best sister in the whole world. She is funny and always supportive. Emilia is the type of person to get I.S.S. for talking in a library.
Edit: She never goes in a library
She always make the room loud and makes sure you have a great night.
I love EMilia!!! I just had the most fun in my life.
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by pizza_08 June 08, 2019
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