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When you have fans making the pilgrimage to Graceland every January 8 (Elvis birthday) and August 16, singing his songs and holding candlelight vigils and owning as much Elvis items and memorabilia as possible, visiting his grave, holding a seance to contact his spirit, or maybe even believing that he is still alive, and practically making him into a god, then this is no mere fan club - it's a religion.
Roxanne has all of Elvis Presley's albums - LP, casette, CD - VHS and DVD versions of all his movies and TV specials, drives a car decorated with pictures of the King and festooned with licence plates that feature the name "Elvis" , has her bedroom walls and ceiling decorated with posters, pictures, paint-by-number portraits, news clippings and concert ticket stubs (she's seen him live 50 times!) as well as a music box styled in the likeness of you-know-who and so on. This is an example of a devotee of the Elvis religion. In the Living Colour song "Elvis is Dead" Little Richard makes a guest appearance and says that "Elvis was a great performer" and was "electrifying" and that we should "let him rest". Amen.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 29, 2007
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