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The most beautiful person alive. She has an angelic smile and a heart made of gold. Her sense of humor is centered around memes, but wholesome ones. When you’re sad, she will pick you up and save you. There’s no reason not to love an Elsie. If you know an Elsie, give her a hug.
“Elsie is beautiful
“You are extremely correct
by augustsunflower February 03, 2018
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Beautiful and amazing, caring and she always will show her affection to her loved ones, sleeps alot and an amazing Hunter, she is very easy to trust with secrets even when she may have some of her own but they are trusted to be personal, she loves her friends n very easy to be friends with.
Man every body loves Elsie!
Ya she's great...
by Rats10fortheloveofrats April 18, 2018
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a beautiful, amazing, intelligent, fun, perfect girl who always talks down about herself, but in actuality a person would have to be completely dense to not LOVE her!
"Dude, don't you LOVE Elsie?!"
"Wow, you're an idiot. :D"
by californiajade February 12, 2010
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A photograph of a person caught in the act of taking a selfie.
We accidentally took an elsie. In the background of our group photo you can see some girl with her cellphone in the air taking a selfie.
by THRHMOMTR August 23, 2013
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An Elsie is a photo taken of someone else. It's like the opposite of a selfie.
I took an elsie of this random on the Tube because I want to know where to get those shoes.
by Jake Carlisle September 06, 2014
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Elsie = (L C) = (La Curly)

When straight haired girls style their hair curly.
Look at Roxsan today man, she's gone totally Elsie.

Elsie from AC is curlier than a wurly this morning!
by A night in Rome August 26, 2009
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