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It is common to see a blue-collar worker driving a Range Rover, Mercedez, BMW or some other luxury vehicle clearly out of their price range. By keeping the used car clean (and tinting windowns/adding rims), they are able to appear wealthier than they really are. In reality, most Elmwood Park residents are city workers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers and laborers. Elmwood Park is known for it's Italian background. There are several restaurants and bars that try to capitalize on this "distinction", but most of the times people are just trying too hard. A common phrase in Elmwood Park is, "Do you know who my Grandpa was?" The problem is the only people who know what the hell they are talking about is their neighbor who also had a "famous" Grandpa. The pride each resident has in it's town is almost dilusional. If you get to know the people and places in EP, however, you will quickly learn many people are lying.. to themselves, to each other and to their kids. It's a look-how-guido-I-am town filled with blue-collar workers driving cars they can't afford, doing drugs left and right and hoping their local politician helps them get a job somehow. After all, DON'T YOU KNOW WHO MY GRANDPA WAS?
Oh, Hey! I'm over dere in da Elmwood Park, Illinois (EP). My brand new Benz is out front of da Baciami, just got done laying some concrete over dere. Bada bing, bada boom. You know who my grandpa was??
by I am soooo italian August 11, 2011
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