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A one stop light town, where everybody knows everybody in more than one sense. Just a bunch of inbread redneck whiggers. And as far as the African americans, they try there best to live up the BET reputation of a "REAL HOOD NIGGA!" Selling all that crack and you still live on a plantation. Thank god for Good Will Foundation these people probably run around but ass naked! Almost forgot about the Arab gas station the mini walmart, Elm City local entertainment.
Redneck1: Look at that N*****...lisnting to that rap shit
Redneck2: Listnen to this new Lil Wayne song,
Redneck1: This is my shit my nigga.
Black guy: Stupid crackers....want to buy some weed?
Me: Only in Elm City, NC
by OOotooo Oreo February 03, 2011
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