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An Elly is a beautiful girl who never quite realise how much they mean to people. They are pretty and funny and smart and weird and crazy and amazing and kind and skinny and everything anyone could wish for!! They have a pretty good music taste and always put others before themself. Even when its them who really needs a hand. They can be really weird but make you feel like you fit in wherever you are. Ellys are amazing at being there for people, forgiving people and supporting people. Ellys make the best friends imaginable and even if you are not friends an Elly will never be mean. If you ever meet an Elly never let them go because you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you ever meet an Elly and manage to hold onto them make sure you keep them because they might just be the best thing that has ever happened to you!
Ilysfm Ellyey ♡
by bmth_forever3 October 11, 2014
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A girl who knows what she wants. If you're her friend she'll be there for you no matter what but if you piss her off she'll probably hate you for life. A great listener who doesn't always have advice for you but always wants to help. She love sour gummy worms and snowy days. You'll always remember an Elly!
" I was feeling down but then Elly showed up with chocolate and hot guys."
by ChasingSunBeams February 19, 2012
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da girl i love
by hollyshitmonkeyballs November 16, 2008
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A beautiful and well respected young lady who is known by her family, friends and even acquaintances as being gorgeous -there are also rumors that she is a model who will be famous in the future!
"See that sexy gal with a big-ass booty? If she lost a couple of pounds she'd be just like Elly".

"How intelligent is she! If only she was pretty, she'd be just like Elly."
by rachelgreen December 30, 2011
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A extremely hot, sexy, gorgeous girl. Usually a gemini. An Elly is someone who makes everyone else hella jealous. All the boys want her. Her nickname is Ellbell given to her by a loser.
"See that hott-ass chick over there? She'd be hotter if she was nice. Then she'd be an Elly."
by Hmm111 May 18, 2008
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A beautiful girl, usually a Cancer, unique just like the spelling of her name, has a very nice booty, all the girls envy her. Doesn't give a crap about anyone, loves herself more than anyone else in the planet. Usually a romantic, loves romance movies and is a sucker for love. Loves to stand out. Very spoilt and just loves to shop in general. You either love her or hate her. Haters hate because they're jealous and lovers love her because of her perfect smile.
Damn, look at that booty, im sure that belongs to an Elly!
by princess jasmine kim April 13, 2011
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A hot, sexy woman who loves men.
Damn, see that big fat lesbian over there? She'll never be an elly.
by Not Elly November 20, 2003
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