Ellies are the softest people u will ever meet. The prettiest and most thoughtful human beings on earth. Please go hug or send your Ellie a message how grateful u are to have them around.
i love you ellie

gimme a hug ellie pls
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by youaremybae November 24, 2020
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Ellie’s are the best sort of people . Despite having their own problems Ellie’s are always there for you and always brighten the mood . Ellie’s tend to be quiet extroverts . They always give great advice usually from personal experience. Although quiet at first Ellie’s become crazy when comfortable with you. They are always up for everything and are very laid back . Ellie’s are extremely loyal and will do almost everything for their friends. They always exude natural beauty and no makeup is needed to perfect them as they are already amazing . They never realise how amazing they are despite everyone telling them differently . Ellie’s often have lots of energy because they love cold Starbucks coffee. If an Ellie hasn’t had a coffee in a while you will know about it .The only downside too an Ellie is their clumsiness. They often knock things over or spill a whole flask of tea in a school canteen . This is always hilarious though so it isn’t really bad . If you manage to find a rare Ellie keep them . If you loose her you will never find one as good again. Keep her and she will be your best friend for life xx
Look at that popular beautiful girl over there

Oh she must be an Ellie
by Wild writer June 01, 2020
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Quite attractive and smart. Loves dance and drama and singing but also loves sports. She is so so kind and loves to have loads of friends. She usually has three very close friends.
Ellie is the kindest person I've met.
by Tiedyefriend April 21, 2021
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Ellie is pretty, but kinda looks like a monkey. She’s silly, fun and addicted to her phone. She’s really low key reserved and likes to keep to herself. Lots of people have a crush on her, and she lies a bit, too. Shes a perfectionist and likes to strive for adventures on Instagram.
Ellie usually hangs out with Emmy, Abby, Hannah, Carolyn and Caren.
by CeceliaJK November 20, 2017
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