Ellie’s are rare. They are a unique and unmatched beauty inside and out. Ellie’s have the ability to read the room and lead people easily. They are sensitive on the inside but fearless to opposition and are also very stubborn. The best quality of Ellie is that she can make anyone laugh hysterically and carry deep conversations about things that are important to her. Ellie is magnetic and flirty and can get any guy to fall in love with her. If you find an Ellie in your life, never let them go.
by Nevada is my playpen April 10, 2021
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Ellie is a really good matchmaker and yet has never had a relationship with a good match. Ellie thinks if Natalie and Joe for example want to be together they should. Michael has been with everyone so is a match for no one. None of her sisters friends family members etc are a good match for her. Her only good match is Mia. Ellie doesnt argue for someone to pick her. If you want to pick her pick her. She doesn't like the way this game is being played.
Ellies supposed matches took her keys to her home and moved in with their wives. They are driving her cars while she walks. They got made by her friends so her friends could marry them. They helped her enemies. They patrolled her for smoking cigs when they did far worse. Ellie does not trust it.
by Freeasabird December 31, 2019
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A person who is scared to let someone in because they get hurt easily. She trusts people to fast. Ellie wants someone to be there for her. She needs to be shown youth love from time to time. If you find her, show her how much she means to you. Be confident around her, then she will be confident. Let her talk when she is trying to be heard. Never EVER ignore her. It will make her feel unimportant. Love her when she is bipolar. She try’s to think the best in people most of the time. She doesn’t know how it truly feels to be loved by someone. If you look up Ellie’s name, don’t be afraid to talk to her. This is your sign. She wants to talk to you too.
I want to be loved but I’m scared I won’t be loved back-Ellie
by December 02, 2020
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Ellie the kind of person who cheats in major tests is depressed,very mean and dark. This person usually likes dark jokes.
Do you know Ellie .

Yeah she’sreally Mean
by Hydro05 November 20, 2018
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Ellie has big but
by Ellie Williams May 25, 2021
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Ellies are the softest people u will ever meet. The prettiest and most thoughtful human beings on earth. Please go hug or send your Ellie a message how grateful u are to have them around.
i love you ellie

gimme a hug ellie pls
via giphy
by youaremybae November 24, 2020
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