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Ellen Richmond A name for a girl that bullies a bear like man named Arthur Keys just because he hit her in the face with a snowball, although he only did that because she broke Mr Snow ball and then Arthur was upset and cried with Mr Snowball. But then Ellen took it upon herself to bully Arthur just because he is different. She said the following:
1. Arthur you're so weird
2. Arthur you're weird
3. Arthur you're soooooooo weird
4. Arthur you're a gimp
5. Arthur you're not a gimp** but you do walk funny

** for those who are not aware of the true meaning of teh word gimp as it is often used as a general cussing term here is a definition:

gimp2 (gĭmp) Slang.
A limp or a limping gait.
A person who limps.
intr.v., gimped, gimp·ing, gimps.
To walk with a limp.

Stay back and don't talk to her, she might Ellen Richmond you!!
by Hmango February 02, 2009
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