An emo girl who simps for a skeleton which comes from the game called “undertale” made by toby fox. She thinks she’s better then she actually is. She reacts to porn especially drawings by her friends like a five year old seeing a kissing scene.
Fruity: “being broken up with isn’t that bad”

Elis sans simp: “YOU DON’T KNOW MY PAIN!!!!! IM GOING BACK TO SANS!!!!”
by Hot dilfs in ur area June 21, 2021
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Is simply a asshole cause 1. he is short 2. his name is Elis and i mean just by seing him you just want to kill him with a sword from king artur the third
man your such a Elis.... i want to kill you
by Your mom in mah bedroom January 31, 2022
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the most pretty, talented, kind, cute, and smart cow in teh world
by -Pastel Sushi Roll- November 10, 2020
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has some muscles the size of bowling balls and he is funny he loves all sports and everyone likes him unlike other people.
eli will be the awesomest forever even if he is dead
by pooface07 September 2, 2019
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Eli is the best person and boyfriend in the whole world. They will play Genshin Impact like a professional, but will probably deny it. He'll give you bottle tabs and rings because he doesn't know how to show their affection. They get flustered whenever you give them physical affection and blushes whenever he is gifted something. They love anime, drawing, taking care of his siblings and isn't a fan of big gatherings or crowds. When you hold hands with him he'll hold onto you and squeeze your hand that'll make you implode mentally with love, but when you first meet him you'll think he's a quiet, self kept person. But when you get to know him, he shows so much that you could read him like a book. Their smile is everything you need and could ever ask for. He's truly someone you'd give your life for and kiss him whenever you get the chance.❤
"Ilysm Eli<3"
"I- uh- djdnfjc >//.//<"
by XANDER!!<3 April 18, 2022
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