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The Electro Sex Change is an extremely rare event that is predicted to have only happened a total of 3 times all throughout human history.
It can be triggered by these methods:
A man needs to be driving in a blue minivan over a bridge at approximately 12:03AM during a lunar eclipse on a leap year. If these conditions are met, a bolt of lightning will form and strike the car due to it being made of metal. This is no ordinary lightning bolt, however.
Once the car is hit, the driver will be electricuted so hard that his testosterone hormones will mutate into estrogen hormones, causing his penis to instantaneously morph into a vagina.
Nick: "Guys, Braxton has been acting weird recently."

Shang: "Yeah man, ever since he went for a drive last week."

Nick: "What do you think happened?"

Mark: I've got a bad feeling he may have accidentally gotten an Electro Sex Change."

Shang: "Oh shit, nigga you may be right."
by Professor Kukui September 17, 2017
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