a sexual act where one would fart in the partners face while before cumming while he/she going to give "a blowjob"
hey d-breezy i gave her an elk-a-bong last night.
by Jonny Ganja April 18, 2006
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Top Definition
Name: alter-ego of American cartoon character 'Quick Draw McGraw', a masked avenger styled in the manner of 'Zorro' (q.v.), wielding a guitar with which he would subdue evildoers with the exclamation "Ka-Bong!". Created in 1959 by Hanna-Barbera Productions.
The people living near the hacienda were repeatedly harassed by a gang of bandits, until the arrival of the mysterious El Kabong.
by speedog June 12, 2010
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Strictly a class moveā€¦.This occurs when you are pounding your girlfriend doggy style and just before you are about to blow your load you hit her in the back of the head with a Gibson Les Paul acoustic guitar and yell " el kabong!!"
Tom " hey Dave can I have my guitar back you'borrowed?" Dave:"Sorry dude but I broke it over Rondas head the other night giving her an el kabong"
by Super jo jo and friends July 09, 2016
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A surprise attack using a flacid penis to startle an unsuspecting victim. This is usually done by slapping a distracted person across the face or head with your penis while yelling the phrase "El Kabong" to proclaim your successful prank over the El Kabonged individual, and alert any witnesses to the humorous use of your private parts.

This can be done by a women using her breasts but is much harder to pull off if the victim is awake.

Good Luck and Happy El Kabonging!
"Jeremy came home from work early to find his girlfriend napping on the couch with the TV on. He pulled out his penis sneaking up behind her and slapped her across the face with his penis waking her up, while yelling El Kabong! This turned her on, and naturally progressed into her giving him a blow job."
by Dr Shag January 05, 2010
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God of Off-Topic (ever since Thor left)
El Kabong is the god of ranting
by SpyderOWNAGE October 25, 2004
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A beaner or otherwise daft spanner.
"Make way for el Kabong."
by rockman February 07, 2004
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