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This is a three way situation where a guy gets on his all-fours and rests in the 'sphinx' position. The guy in the sphinx position is to act like a statue; he is there to be serviced as the god he is. One fellater will be sucking the balls, the other sucking his cock. Once the sphinx cums, he performs the Egyptian Goggles on the two servants cum smeared faces.
I ran into a couple of my high school friends last night. We reminisced about the good ol' days then i took them home and forced them to give me an Egyptian BJ
by joeegyptianbj February 08, 2009
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A mystery as old as the pyramids. First heard on Proposed by the "UBER HOT" babes asking to chat only to give you a link to another website where you have to enter in your credit card number. A Phishing lure.
sexyolive930: hmmmm...wanna experience my egyptian BJ and im gonna demonstrate to u bhabe
booms: WTF is that? that is the 2nd time that has been proposed to me tonight
sexyolive930: can my my friend veronica join me coz shes so freaking horny too..
booms: ummmm, you going to drive over and show me who's boss?
by jimbaround December 15, 2007
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