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Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt (A.R.E.)

Capital: Cairo

Flag: Tricolor of red, white and black horizontal stripes, with a golden eagle on the white stripe.

Population: On 1/1/2005, the Egyptian population was estimated at approximately 70 million.

Area: Around one million square km. of these, only around 55 thousands square km (i.e. 5.5%) are populated.

- To the North: Mediterranean Sea
- To the South: Sudan
- To the East: Gaza Strip, Israel and the Red Sea
- To the West: Libya

Language: Arabic is the official language. English is widely spoken in business circles also french.

Climate: Generally dry climate. Moderate temperatures and humidity prevail on the Mediterranean coast, while in southern Egypt, the summer is hot and the winter is generally warm.

Currency: Egyptian Pound (L.E.) = 100 Piasters.

Exchange Rate: US$ 1 = L.E. 5.73 (Dec. 2005 Preliminary figures).

Time Zone: GMT + 2 . Egypt observes daylight saving time during the summer months.

Business Hours: Government offices & The private sector normally works five days a week , Sunday through Thursday.
Egypt is the most powerful country in Africa and the Middle-East
by Gouryellan January 28, 2006
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Ex. " Wow, he just got up and left. Talk about pulling an egypt."
by fotini1350 February 17, 2011
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Appears stylish, cool. Pertaining to a certain haircut- black with little bangs. Much sex appeal.
"Justine is so Egypt."
by Ms. Lenore April 13, 2004
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Where Happy Gilmore's mom moved, because there wasn't a hockey rink for 1,500 miles.
Shortly afterwards, Happy's dad got killed by a stray puck and Happy had to live with his grandma.
by Elitist December 28, 2003
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(verb) to get "Egypt": to inspire a serious and successful protest against a government or business power that is violating or attempting to violate human or civil rights.
This Wisconsin governor is really pissing me off with his anti-union legislation. We should get together all the teachers across America via Facebook and get EGYPT on his ass!
by SexPartyNinja March 03, 2011
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