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"Ego Art" is a long overdue term coined by Artist Timothy John Cody, of Long Island, New York. It has roots in modern art schools such as Dadaism, and Expressionism.

The term is used to describe an art form which utilizes and recognizes the ego's role in the production of art. Ego-art is a method for rediscovering the true nature of self, and identifying the ego's control over the artistic landscape. In duality, the Ego and the Self struggle to be heard in the artistic process. Ego Art is either the elaboration or the realization of The Egos power over our lives. It seeks to damn culture, consumerism, materialism and Desire, with an edification and exaltation of the Self. Holistic oneness.
Any work of art that deals directly with Egocentric ideals or fallacies. (e.g Habitual conditioning, insecurity, fears).

Ego Art is a complex elaboration and attempt to realign the artist or the audience, with the felt presence of experience. Ego Art is in a way, a rejection of the Ego, and an empowerment of Self. By understanding the confining nature of the ego, one can overcome and realize it in their everyday lives.

Very simply put. "Ego-Art is never the ending battle between the Self and the ego to define the nature of reality"
by Timothy John Cody, Artist February 03, 2011
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