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A specific egg dish such as "Eggs Benedict". Eggs Hogoboom is in actuality an eggless breakfast / brunch dish, it is served on non toasted white Wonder Bread, topped with commodity bologna, cheese whiz, American cheese Tapatio and ketchup. A common prison food, easy made by altering the basic bologna sandwich often served in state and federal penitentiaries. This dish is named after Chester the 5th, also the creator of this artisan breakfast favorite. While this dish begins to spread like the bird flu in popularity, culinary experts who have worked closely with Chester are taken back by such a culinary break through they often compare his genius to the likes of Auguste Escoffier and Marie-Antoine Careme.
Chester - "Hey buddy, thanks again for picking me up and posting bail, I really appreciate it."

Greg - "No problem man, let me cheer you up a little, take you out for breakfast or something."

Cheseter - "Thanks but no thanks, I'm actually pretty full. Grubbed on some 'Eggs Hogoboom' about an hour ago."

Greg- " You lucky duck!!! I guess getting arrested didn't turn out all that bad after all..."
by manwiththeplan83 March 03, 2013
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