A Teesside case of a gentleman who is bald on the upper part of his head but who has a perfect ring of hair on the lower part of his head, slightly resembling a monk
look at ralf! he looks like a right "egg in a bun" he should get it all off
by davethejag October 18, 2007
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Scrotal rotting

An unfortunate case in which a gentlemen's scrotal region begins to wither and rot.
The smell of Neil's egg in a bun lingered for weeks
by Big Jake 'n' Wawa January 8, 2008
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A very short, chubby penis.
"So, how'd it go with Liam last night?"

"Oh my god, that guy totally has an egg in a bun!!" >_<
by SpottedDick November 6, 2008
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