A dish consisting of a woman's menstrual blood. The name comes from the fact that the woman is 'dropping eggs' at the time.
Dude, Peter's fucking sick. He drank up Donna's eggdrop soup like it was no big deal.
by RobotKeaton May 14, 2009
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When a person earns their redwings by licking up a woman's thick soupy monthly, and in the process, inadvertently swallows the chicks unfertilized egg.
I got way to drunk last night and ate out my girl friend. The bitch didn't tell me she was on the rag, and I think I had some egg drop soup.
by Man-O-Whore May 27, 2006
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The term for the fluid excreated from the female vagina during ovulation.
"Oh NO" cried Mr. Wroten "Her Egg Drop Soup is on my bald spot"
by OvumSoup June 28, 2004
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A Soupy, Undouched, Loose, Stinky Vag Which Closely Resembles The Famed Egg Drop Soup.
I Should Have Worn Protection Because That Slut Was Serving Egg Drop Soup.
by cheifpopanowa June 01, 2009
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When you get super shitfaced the night before. Wake up the next morning with a piece of ass next to you. Decide to get it on half asleep. After you finish you fall back asleep with your weiner still in said girl. As you fall asleep the warmth from her hatchet wound makes you feel the need to urinate. You proceed with urinating into her semen laden ham wallet. She jumps out of bed knowing what has just happened. What runs down her legs looks a lot like egg drop soup.
Bruh there is nothing worse than having to clean up egg drop soup off your carpet when you are hung over. Shit just let the dog lick it up.
by Im AG AF December 08, 2016
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