Loving, most kindhearted man you've ever met. Best guy a girl could ever wish for. Don't let an Edward go because you won't find another like him. Not to mention his attractiveness and sense of humor always keeps a smile on your face.
You don't know what love is until you've met Edward.
by urgirllovesu January 23, 2019
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a vampire, a man who is dead on perfection, his skin glows from radiance. Someone who is terrifying but you always want to see him more. He's perfect in everyway.
by abby rouse July 25, 2008
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The act of ejaculating in your sister and screaming "GANG WEED"
Dude did you hear? Jacob pulled off an Edwards!
by hghfhgghg July 26, 2018
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A pure, innocent, little boy that was a mistake. His mother was drunk when she made him. She doesn’t even know who the father is. She just blames alcohol and her libido. The resemblance between them is uncanny which is why some people think he’s a girl. His mother didn’t even name him, so people just call him Edward for some unknown reason. He grew up alone on the streets until a wizard turned him into a balloon.

Five years later, he saw his mother at a birthday party and approached her. However, his mother didn’t recognize him, so she ignored him. Because of that incident, he started haunting her and still haunts her until this day.
My advice is don’t abandon your child because they will turn into a balloon someday and start haunting you. Nobody knows if the mother was just hallucinating of her son. Some people just think that she felt guilty, so she just imagined the whole story.

If you don’t want that to happen to you just take care of your children and don’t abandon them. Your child may not turn into a balloon, but he will haunt you forever because you will feel guilty. Who knows, maybe he will actually turn into an object and really haunt you.
Edward was a mistake
by SomepersonthatknewEdward November 01, 2017
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A very compassionate guy, Edward's can be very shy, sympathetic, and overall nice human beings. Though they are very trustworthy, Edward's may be so brutally honest to the point it may seem like they don't care. But they do. They are very smart and lovable, so DO NOT ever lose yourself an Edward!!
"Have you heard of Edward? He's the most loyal person around!"
by puddlebubble<3 May 05, 2018
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A name, not relating to the book "twilight". Most Edwards are ashamed to be associated with such an embarrassment of a book. Every time a girl meets an edward, some instinct in their deranged little fan-girl heads causes them to blurt out "OMG EDWARD LYKE EDWARD CULLEN OMGOMGOMGOMG<3333333333 ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?!"
fuck twilight. fuck edward cullen. way to ruin a name, stephanie meyers.
Fuck twilight Made the name Edward shit
by Namemeaning9943 September 24, 2017
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