The love interest in Stephenie Meyer's terribly written Twilight "Saga". Edward Cullen has bronze hair at first, but it changes severl times in the books. He's also sparkly, a vampire who doesn't actually drink human blood, and falls in love with the main character Bella, a Mary-Sue if there ever was one. Also the cause of a strange phenomenon I like to call the "Edward Cullen Complex" that causes young men to become wildly insecure because of a fictional character. They may gripe about girls having too high of standards, write lengthy bitter definitions of Edward on Urban Dictionary, and never get laid because of their insecurity.
These are typically the same young boys who look at Maxim, Blender and other trashy magazines, and compare women with the models in them-yet they somehow think being compared to Edward Cullen is unfair. Cute.

Girl "Edward Cullen is sooo hot!"
Guy "It's not fair you expect me to be Edward!"
Girl "It's not fair you expect me to be Brooke Burke."
Guy "I still hate Edward Cullen."
by Indeedit'strue December 27, 2008
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A Gay pixie Fairy that sucks people off and Sparkles
your so Edward Cullen.
There are so many Edward Cullens at the pride parade
by Scarlet Failure February 06, 2010
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A character from the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

He is viewed by many readers as extremely sexy and most girls think he would make the perfect boy friend. He is loving, always want to do what is best for his love (Bella Swan), and is polite and level-headed.
He has messy copper hair and his eyes used to be green (!). Now, they change colour depending on how hungry he is, but they go from shades of brown to black, rather than being red beause he's a GOOD vampire. He would never feast on human blood, only animals.

In truth, he is overly protective and a complete creeper. He started watching Bella sleep at night before they even knew each other and stalked her into Port Angeles when they had only had a couple (very awkward) conversations.
He never leaves Bella alone and is an arsehat to her friends because they have crushes on her. (side note-every boy in the series has a crush on Bella because she's amazing like that).
Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett are all better than Edward Cullen in every way.

So is Jacob.
by WhoNamesAPigAlgie November 27, 2008
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A pussy emo Meyerpire.

Hobbies include:
Breeding Spawn
Stalking Girls
Being a huge Pedophile (Come on, 108 year old dating a 18 year old is like a 40 year old dating a 6 year old)
Being extremely racist

Every 12 year old girl idolizes him as 'the perfect boyfriend'. Also Stephanie Meyer's fake boyfriend.

Did I mention he sparkles?
Girl 1: OME!!!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!! <3
Me: He doesn't exist.
Me: *walks away*
by MoofinChan November 22, 2009
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A fictional vampire from the Twlight series. He is apperantly "the perfect guy", so perfect in fact that all girls gain ridiculously high standards after reading about him.

Despite the fact that he is one - fictional, two - the living undead, and three - a creep that will watch girls sleep; girls still want him more and more.

He has the ability to fly, turn others into vampires, sparkle (gay), and apparently steal the girlfriend of a guy with the voted-on title "most amazing boyfriend"
Girl: Listen sweatheart, we need to break up.
Guy: Wait why? You just said that I was the most amazing boyfriend that you've ever had. Your friends even voted on it.
Girl: You are...
Guy: Then why do you want to break uo? Is there another guy?
Girl: Yes.
Guy: ...
Girl: You see, you're here *raises hand up to forehead-level* but, Edward Cullen is up here *raises other hand about 2 inches higher*.
Guy: ... Wait are you really dumping me because of a fictional vampire?
Girl: Yes...
by EdwardCullenMustDie December 15, 2009
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A name every guy knows, but hates.
Fan-Girl: OMG!! Edward Cullen is soooooo hawt. I wanna spread peanut butter over him and lick it off.....mmmmmmm

Every-sane-guy: .......
by A_Sane_Guy June 30, 2009
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