1.A whiny 108 years old virgin who don't have a life, and had a habit of stalking people in their sleep
2.Character from Twilight
Teen #1:OMG,Edward Cullen is SOOOOO HOTT!!!!!
Teen #2:Since when did a loser became hot?
by *Lexxi* April 19, 2009
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A fairy, it is obvious, and he is lacking in all vampristic features. Find something that is very vampire about Edward...
Edward Cullen lives in the forest, is mythical, is super white, doesn't eat people, sparkles, was a virgin for 108 years, and creeps on younger people
by Chislett October 24, 2010
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A character in Stephenie Meyer's amazing book twilight. Also the sequels,New Moon and Eclipse and the upcoming Breaking Dawn. He has red hair,topaz colored eyes and is in love with a human girl named Bella Swan though he is a vampire. Edward is loved by many girls all over the world,though I'm not sure why.

If I were Bella,I'd kill myself being stuck with him. Edward is boring,too lovey-dovey for his own good and sucks up to Bella. He doesn't let her do anything,and his politeness makes me sick to my stomach. Sometimes I want to puke thinking of him. In Eclipse,Edward seduced Bella into having sex with him. Then Bella decided she wanted to screw him,and he rejected her.

Edward's main competition is only Jacob Black,the wild,witty,and hott werewolf who actually has a life and isn't dull unlike some vampires. Edward is a 107 year old virgin. Meaning,the one hundred and seven long years of his life he hasn't gotten laid. Unless he did,and he can't remember. Old man. He lost all human memories,so he's lying to Bella when he says " I've never felt the way I feel for you,for anyone else before". Bull shit. He can't remember. He probably screwed tons of girls and said the same shit to other hags.

Bella's neediness for him makes me sick. She has Jake,Mike Newton,Edward,Tyler,Eric and she isn't fucking satisfied. Does she want Edward or Jake? She keeps running back to the two of them. The stupid,corny clutz should choose someone. If she doesn't want Jake,I'll have him.

Obsessed fan: Gosh,I love Stephenie Meyer! I love how she made Edward so loving and charming!
Normal person: Edward is loving and everything,but he's not sane! Gosh,how I hate these lovey dovey women authors writing romance novels with their heads in the clouds. They don't know what the hell a real MAN is! A real man would be trying to screw her,seducing her,and touching her as he sleeps in her bed with her every night!

" Your exactly my brand of heroin." - Edward Cullen.
" Your REALLY getting on my nerves." - Me

"'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...,' he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
'What a stupid lamb,' I sighed.
'What a sick, masochistic lion.'"
' What a stupid vampire,and a human girl who is WAY out of her league."

- Edward,Bella,Me
by you cant be me im a pirate September 08, 2007
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A fictional vampire that, despite being overly obsessive, seems to be the "perfect guy" for most women. Human versions of said vampire can usually be found in county jails or in court rooms being presented with their very own restraining order.
Dude, did you hear about Billy last night? His girlfriend broke up with him and he pulled an Edward Cullen. Now he's in prison!
by HypocriticPope April 16, 2009
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A retarded homosexual so-called vampire who likes to feast on the entrails of little 12 year old virgin girls, then force feeds them his 'home-made" vampire shit. He is most likely to be found in the habitats of cold peninsula's located in China and North India. This homosexual vampire also likes to sneak into 5 year old boys rooms every night and rips of their undergrown penises and testiciles which he makes his special vampire 5 course meal "vampicles with sauce" (The sauce being the blood of a heterosexual male.)
Benefit fraud mother with 6 kids:
OMG have you read in The Times it says that another 5 year old boy has been raped and 5 12 year old girls who were having a sleepover were gagged and forced to what was thought to be the liver of a butch lesbian!

Man with job: STFU bitch how did you even afford the times newspaper besides if anyone had done that it would've been Edward Cullen now GTFO and make me a sandwich you japs eye.

A popular character according to many pubelescent teenage girls and boys, and including the rare heterosexual male aswell.
by Chris2k10 August 02, 2010
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A Sparklepire from Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' series, a 108-year-old virgin who makes pubescent girls horny.

His fangirls seem to think that he is real, and a few even seem to believe that they are married to him.

Apparently, he is "beautiful" and "godlike." Oh, and he ~*SPARKLES*~ too!

Fangirl 2: INORITE~ :DDD

Me: -reading Harry Potter- Well, good luck finding boyfriends, freaking Twitards.


Me: -facepalm-
by ~Otaku_Poptart~ May 31, 2010
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A a sparkling fairy trying to pass for a badass vampire, but failing miserably.
fangirl: Edward Cullen is so amazing.

randomperson: Yeah, I guess he's an okay fairy. Not all too bright, though.
by twilightshouldgodie August 03, 2010
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