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A car the the Ford Motor Comapany made in the late 1950's (1958-1960). The life of the Edsel didnt last long because no one liked the trademark "Horse-Collar" grill or the odd name. It is a very very rare car, very few were produced. Some of the models were: Citation, Pacer, Roundup, Ranger, and the Corsair
ME: Wow! Did you just see that Edsel?
YOU: That the fuck is an Edsel?
by BillyGunn September 13, 2007
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according to lazyy "Someone who is awesome and understanding. Loves basketball and is good at it. Gives really good advice. Really cute and girl crazy! Doesn't like to be judged easily."
denng! did you see Edsel? I wanna get to know him! LOL!
by CONF3SS September 17, 2008
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