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Those kids (9-17) who pretend to be edgy and 'cool but they're really just brats who are annoying. They find the darkest things in their closet, put them on and say "OMG Imagine Dragons iz s0 amazing and edgyy". Some even steal their mom's makeup. They then go online and dress their avatar in dark things and get into other conversations.
Edgy Wannabes are so annoying.

Friend; "Dude did you see that kid who has the terrible makeup job and ripped up leggings that they cut holes in?"

Me: "Yeah, they're such an edgy wannabe, look at those goddamn staples bent into earmuffs!"

Friend: *Laughing*

Edgy wannabe: "yo sup you like imagine dragonssss."

Me: "...."

Friend: "we have somewhere to be...."
by Beautiful Garbage January 04, 2018
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