A very shy person, both emo and pastel. Obsesses over many fandoms such as Hamilton and Panic! At The Disco. Afraid of: People, darkness and phone calls. An Eddy has a slight obsession with ice cream and apples.
“Hey Eddy, you wanna do something?”
“Not if it’s around people”

“Eddy, what dis you do this weekend?”
“Listened to Hamilton
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by IObsessOverSmallThing March 31, 2018
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Short For Eddibles, referring to weed infused foods, beverages, and treats.
"On my way to pick up some eddies for the party later."
by Aubrey Black September 10, 2018
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A slang word for euros in the year 2077
Finally got the eddies to buy some new wheels.”
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by BILLS MAFIA May 18, 2020
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That lady as Starbucks got my damn name wrong, ITS EDDIE, NOT EDDY! I ain’t no low level 4 letter Ed, I’m a chad 5 letter Ed.
by squidwardop June 02, 2021
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The act of bringing outstandingly bad luck to oneself and other, against all odds, and creating significant damage as a result. Can be described as « Masterclass Eddy » if it generates three or more unlucky events simultaneously.
- Man, can’t believe it, a pidgeon just dropped a shit on my head!
- Dude, classic Eddy...
- My new suit got trashed, I had to go back home and the elevator crashed. I was stuck for 3 hours !
- Wooow bro that’s a masterclass Eddy !!!
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by grippeman March 13, 2019
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