A loser who seriously needs to get a life and stop pretending he is a courtier in a wannabe 18th century Prussia on Roblox.
"Oh, he's such an Eddy!"
by Fredericus Rex July 01, 2019
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nickname for foods with THC cooked in them also known as edibles.
Bro these eddies got me smacked!
by epicsauce2383838 March 25, 2019
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a eddy is short for ah marijuana edible used as a shorter version for edible and more discrete dealing
person a : you have any eddys left?
person b: yessir buh they hit harder
by beanerissa March 28, 2020
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That eddy I took last night had me OUT cold
I need a plug who has eddys
by September 14, 2020
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A complete shithole where the head teacher scrans on Oreos for a living and the well know crackead of the staff Ian Cassidy rides his bike to school and showers in the changing rooms, bullying isn’t a big deal in are school but oh god u better not wear your coat in mrs o’gradys class because that’s the terror of the school, this is a place where they make out that having a coat on inside can kill someone, but overall Mrs Morgan is transforming the place into a nunnery and the lads are sad as there’s no more skets going round with batty creases out and skirts shorter than there blazer
Oi lad I see your eyes

(That sket every year has walks past )
Welcome to eddies
by Mrkillensanugget December 14, 2019
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Street way of calling eurodollars in night city, year 2077
I got a couple of eddies from that last job we did
by LucisNox April 16, 2021
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The person that is really nice but can be a dick and Is very quickly and has to be the best at everything he does people usually say really good things about him but in reality he is the opposite of the things people say he is
Eddy is being really mean today
by Eddy_ lover/hater101 April 18, 2020
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