by aqg October 25, 2017
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sexy,fine kid who knows how to do his thing right...
makes nilla go ahhhhhhhhh fresh air
811 is the date
whos that? oo thats that boy eddy he got a girl named nilla.
by nilla gorilla October 15, 2008
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The most amazing guy in the entire universe! Every girl wishes they could have him because he is so perfect! He is very caring and will do anything for his girl<3 He's very sweet and kind, and will be nice to everyone<3 He's funny and super smart! He's athletic and musical and talented in every way possible! He's very loving and always chivalrous<3 OVERALL PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you eddy<3
by its_me! July 06, 2011
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The one that I call mine. The cutest guy that has the biggest booty in the world. The sweetest guy with the perfect eyes. (:
That guy over there? With the big booty? Yeah he's Eddy, and he's mine.
by RachelRingooo! April 11, 2011
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One Of The Best On Earth, Ill Eat Yo Girlfriend Asshole While You Texting Her Bitch!

Women That Think Eddy Is Great

Gabi: "Eddy is Bae"

Dari: "Eddy Sucks My Toes With Chocolate"

Nene: Bruh Eddy Loves It When I Squirt And Spit In His Mouth"
Eddy Is The Goat
by 6498 December 27, 2016
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Coolest guy in the United States of America, or possibly even the world. Strikingly handsome with many skills and abilities that make most others seem inferior. Referred to as Josh, Eddy, Edward, Eduardo, Edwin, Tooler, Edwin Tooler, and Pedro.
Pretty girl- "I thought of Josh Eddy Edwards at work today and fainted"
by hugeitem1413 December 14, 2010
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'Eddy' is used as a nickname for names like "Edward" or "Eduardo". Other variants include; Eduarda, Educa, Edu, Edú, Education, Educación...

Most Eddys are usually very handsome, with dark eyes & hair, tan skin complete with a (usually) rocking' bod ;). Generally, they are latino, or of latin ethnicity. Eddys are self-motivated and intelligent, and strive to succeed in their passions. They tend to have a very goofy sense of humor and enjoy telling jokes and crazy stories. They are reliable friends and trustworthy companions (you can tell them just about anything) As romantic partners, they can be some of the most thoughtful, loving people you will ever meet - they will always make a sincere effort to make you feel happy and cared for, never taking you for granted.

However, Eddys aren't perfect, they can make mistakes. Because of their personality, Eddys may put themselves in a position where they feel they have to please everyone around them, regardless of how they are affected. This can leave them feeling heartbroken and regretful, all at another persons expense, having sacrificed a great deal of their own time and happiness for someone else to feel the same way. Eddys can also be quick to think and judge, acting on impulse with big decisions, sometimes failing to think them through and understand their consequences. Besides that though? Eddys are down-to-earth, honest, fun-loving individuals that don't come around everyday. So please, don't turn down an Eddy. ;)
You 'best find yourself an Eddy of your own, child.

Omg ok so this one time I met this guy named "Eduardo" and he told me I could call him "Eddy" - I nearly died right there in front of him. #lifeiscomplete #sortedforlife

Eddy aint reddy...
by walkthemoon April 30, 2015
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