a fucking short ass beaner that sucks dick especially mine mmmmhhhhhhhh yeh that feels good keep going oh yeh eddy woahhhhhhh thats gay
hi eddy
by suc.my.peepee November 11, 2019
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A person who doesn't tell you they have the Coronavirus.
Person 1: He had the coronavirus and went out to the party last night.
Person 2: Man, that guy is a total Eddy.
by Thegartyboi May 24, 2020
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Origin: Edward
Julia's nympho & a Superman wannabe. Someone who loves Julia sosososososososo much and would die for her, since he really isn't Superman, so yes he is capable of dying.. for Julia.
"Look it's Eddy punching a brick wall"
"Look it's Eddy begging Julia to have sex"
by WONDERWOMAN March 20, 2005
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Eddy is one of the most funniest people u will ever meet he will make u smile every time u see him he’s kinda of a lady’s man but he’s the jealous type and u might hate him when u first meet him but u will start to understand him but don’t get on his bad side cause when he gets mad omg that is like the worst and when u lose him as a friend it feels like u lost a whole brother to u and and usually Eddy’s are skinny kids but they have awesome glow ups just wait till u see ur eddy glow up
Eddy is defined as a great man or boy that can make your day
by Gracie Leah April 18, 2018
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An extremely hunky and loveable man. Has a way with the ladies ;)
"Gosh that Eddy is one sexy gentleman"
by chubby December 06, 2004
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A male with a 10" cock or longer.
That guy has penis like Eddy.
Richard's penis is not Eddy.
by Richard February 15, 2005
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A guy who will be born to be a rapist and will stalk girls
Omg its a eddy
by Ayeayeayeee January 29, 2019
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