That funny kid in your Chemistry class who isn't really named Eddy. Hates slow computers. Attracted to shiny objects and glitter. Known to lick walls. The reason they put 'Do not put bag over head' and 'Small parts' warnings on products.
"Eddy!!! What's up?"
"My name is Alex. I hate you guys."

"Oh my god! Did you see the news?"
"No what happened?"
"Some poor boy named Eddy died because he ate too many Legos..."
by barack lincoln February 24, 2009
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Noun. ebonics. An eddy is what typically white suburbanite Americans refer to as a widow's peak. This meaning that the hair comes to a bit of a point in the middle of the front hairline, extending slightly into the forehead. Though I haven't proven this, it most obviously comes from Eddy Munster, a character on the old TV show The Munsters who was a wearwolf, and he had a very defined widow's peak.
Boy: I can believe she's got her hair pulled back, considering she has an eddy and all.
Other Boy: Yeah but like, it doesn't matter that much, she still looks pretty fine.
Boy: Yeah, I feel that.
by viiince February 16, 2005
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A plural noun used in a video game ā€œCyberpunk 2077ā€ which refers to money.
Iā€™m gonna go make some eddies.
by Us Cracks January 03, 2021
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Short version of edibles (food products infused with marijuana).
p1: damn bro, them eddies hittin you?
p2: hell ye
via giphy
by 6WAVY9 December 03, 2018
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