Mark: You smoking tonight?
Jim: Nah, Im gonna take some eddies
Mark: oh what's an eddie?
Jim: it's another word for edibles bro
Mark: Oh dope
by Ethan Lameyo November 04, 2019
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They are really cute, handsome, funny, etc. They are always by your side when you are feeling down. Eddy's are quiet, but yet fun to be around, they always try to find a way to make someone laugh. When they love someone, they just stare at them weird but not to weirdly lol. He is very loyal but gets jealous. When he See's her hugging someone else, he feels heartbroken.
Her: Look it's Eddy, he looks cute.
I heard he is single and loyal, should I ask him out?

You: hell yeah you should, he'll treat you right and love you.
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by Your mom dick April 03, 2018
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Abbreviated/slang form of “edibles

eg. edible marijuana brownies, thc infused jolly ranchers, etc
Dude, here comes Jonah coming in clutch with those eddies he baked up while his parents were away!
by Iridium2 August 31, 2020
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Slang term for edible marijuana infused foods and drinks, such as brownies, gummies to sodas
"It's January 1st, 2020 in Illinois. You gonna buy some legal pot?"
"Nah, man. But I am gonna buy some eddies!"
by magiclars15 January 01, 2020
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Short term for Edibles, similar to Mary Jane and Marijuana
Yo! Did you remember to pack the eddys? Its gonna be a long trip.
by Lor Ragu April 03, 2019
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