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A plastic woman with an IQ of 40 who gets her rocks off modeling vintage clothing or Victoria's Secret merchandise. In reality, these textiles take ten cents a piece to make in China.

Usually these women are cougars with bolt-ons, or leathery adolescents with too much bronzer and greasy hair.

They are notorious for posting at least eight 8" X 5" images within their listings highlighting themselves with a variety of emo expressions rather then item their selling. They usually wear Daisy Dukes with a one inch inseam to show their ass cheeks hanging out because they're anorexic flat ass can't fill a pair of Dukes.

Ebay sluts usually do not post their face because it is ugly as a mud fence, and the ones that do end up looking like a deer in headlights.

Sometimes an Ebay slut will stand with her legs like she's holding her piss. Not to worry! She just has a little incontinence from last nights gang bang!

An Ebay slut feels self worth every time she gets another view. Its the only way to boost her confidence because she didn't get signed by a modeling agency.

Instant gratification for an Ebay slut is impossible without an added counter on the listing! Also, make sure you leave positive feedback for Ebay sluts, even if you did get a shirt with armpit stains. You would not want her to mess up her smokey eyes that took four hours to apply, now would you??
If that Ebay slut didn't look like she needed some Preparation H, I would have jizzed all over my screen.
by NabiscoBiscuit September 18, 2010
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