When cum goes into your mouth and you swallow the cum
Everyone that keeps voting no for my definition eats cum and likes it when i cum in their mouth and they like dick cheese
by master god lord and savior December 15, 2019
An awful disease in which male semen act like sizzling, hot lava when they become airborne. This devastating disease originated in Rome, Italy in 567 B.C. It began when a goat's ballsack erupted and all the man juice landed on a nearby vagina, burning it to ashes. It is sexually transmitted. Masturbation and sexual activity become extremely dangerous. Not like Bond dangerous, like Charles Manson dangerous. There is no known cure.
Look at that Native American's Hands, he must have Flesh Eating Cum Virus!
by Goatman 22 April 28, 2009
A dramatic answer to a dramatic question. Commonly used when you have no idea what to say or you just really don't care.
Billy Faggerson: I'm about to fail college. What do I do!?

wankertoast: eat your cum.
by JrGruntly September 6, 2008
Bored? Eat your cum! June 12th is the perfect day to eat your cum so start eating!
Riane: "Beau it's national eat your cum day"
Beau: "Oh shit you're right brb" /j
by RianeCraft June 13, 2021