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East Ridge High School is the new school built in Woodbury, MN, that houses all the rich kids of the already rich city of woodbury, deeming the others to be of the "ghetto". East Ridge is synonymous with "First World Problems", a place where a bunch of spoiled rich snobs complain about anything and everything. East Ridge is home of the raptors, although the logo more resembles a windswept chicken. East Ridge is infamous for treating its students as though they were either seven years old or in a prison. Any cheers bashing younger grades are banned, as well as any class rivalry. At first it seems strict but students soon realize that no one there gives a fuck about anything.

The sports suck, but posters at rivalry football games with Woodbury High School boast about the 95 million dollar school and the riches that East Ridge represents. (The only comeback that the students have against schools that are better than them at everything...)

Also all the girls are orange sluts and the guys are hockey assholes but it still ends up having the highest test scores of the metro area schools.
"God the parking lot gets so jammed after school and I get so nervous about my Hummer getting scratched..." East Ridge High School Problems.
by FirstGraduatingClassForever<3 December 12, 2011
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