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a school located in the middle of enola, pennsylvania. who mostly no one really knows about unless you attend there. its full of wanna be's and druggies, especially the high school. 1 out of 5 8th graders smoke pot with older people (high schoolers). every weekend youll find students at the olympic skating rink or driving/walking around with a blunt in their hand. its full of sluts, lesbians, and bisexual people. 1 out of 3 white kids act/pretend to be black. most preps dont get a long with the emo/scene kids. "love" relationships dont last and neither do friendships. by the time a student graduates...they have atleast done some type of drug once and lost their virginity.
"what are you doing friday?"
"going skating."
"what about saturday?"
"skating again."
"and sunday?"
"smoking some blunts."


"where do you go to school?"
"east penn."
"east pennsboro high school!"
"where is that at?"
"what the hell?"


"east pennsboro high/middle school"
by BetchaCantGuessWho March 07, 2010
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