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A school in Norristown PA. The Kids their are basic and hella Getto, not to mention it’s a big school which has fake ass hoes as friends or “friends”. Also Colonial Middle School is 15 damn minutes from mine and it’s so much better. Like in my school All the boys play FORTNITE AND THE GIRLS LOVE STARBUCKS AND SEPHORA. Some of these bitches only shop their. It makes me hella mad like Wtf
Not to mention these kids are so bad. Like not I’m a bad ass their like we wear GUCCI were so COOL. Like shut up!! Okay well I’m done by

Made by yours truly

This school East Norriton Middle School is just umm... ehh no
by Bri!!! June 12, 2018
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a place where there is a group of girls that thank their better than everybody but their not. They like to start drama and fight but their is a lot of blacks,mexcans,whites and etc. Everyone has at least lost their virginity their is girls with big butts that are whores and suck dick and bous like to get their penis wet.
by thtgirlruby June 04, 2018
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