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A small, green charter school in Sandia Park, New Mexico, about a 25 minute drive from Albuquerque. The school consists of about 350 students in 4 1/2 portable Tuff Shed buildings. The class sizes are small, ranging from 13-21 students in a class.

The student's schedual is divided into 4, hour and a half block classes that are changed after Christmas.
There are no such things as cliques, but there are groups. Most everyone is extremely social and outgoing, except for the wierd kids, of course (just kidding...)
The electives kinda suck.
Students from other schools are always hating on us, saying we have a huge drug problem and that our school is "gay" and "lame". These kids usually come from huge public schools and have no sense of individuality.
Most of the students attending can't wait to leave, but once they do, they miss it more than anything.

A.K.A: East, EMHS
Dang, I sure do miss East Mountain High School.
by EMHS November 20, 2010
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