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East Cleve is one of the slang terms used for the areas on the Eastside of Cleveland and East Cleveland (EC). Cleveland is also known as Tha Land, C-Town, Land Of tha Heartless, and Wasteland. The Cleveland/Akron/Canton area is home to 3.5 million people. Main streets in East Cleve are Euclid Ave., St. Clair (Tha Clair), E55th st, E79th st, E93rd st, E105th st, E116th st, E152nd st, E185th st, Shaw, Harvard, Miles, Kinsman, Superior, MLK, Buckeye, and a lot more hood streets. The area is plagued with drugs, gangs, crime, and decay almost on Detroits scale.

East Cleve is one of the largest ghetto areas in America. And Im not talking about funny ghetto like suburb people use it, Im talking about real real bad areas. Its also the worst and biggest ghetto in Ohio. It makes Youngstown and Cincinnati look like the suburbs. Famous people from East Cleve include Bone Thugs N Harmony, Halle Berry, Steve Harvey, Troy Smith, and Terrence Howard. Also rappers Al Fatz, Chip Tha Ripper, Original Mo Thugs, real Souljah boy (not that crank that fag), Corey Bapes, ABM Officialz, Ray Cash, Drastik, Caine, 71 North, 216, and more. Also singers the O'Jays, Avant, Cheri Dennis, Gerald Levert are all from Cleveland.
East Cleve also has its own slang terms. Bone made "Trues" popular. "Trues meaning real thugs or "TRUES: Humbly United Gathering Souls" Also "Came Down" was reinvented in Cleve by Al Fatz and the SLAB. "What it dooski" is slang in Cleveland for "what it do". Cappin was started in Cleve. And Swangin doors started in Cleveland (having speakers in the doors, and opening em up). Tha Land is finally starting to get respect it deserves. Oh and people smoke A LOT of weed here. Its a great place.

Bone Thugs: "East 99 is where you find me slangin me yayo daily, Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run!!"
by 216ski April 21, 2008
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