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A small town in Illinois a pissing distance away from St. louis. Its made up of a bunch of wannabe black people who are now getting there asses kicked by real black people that are moving in from Alton. there are the occasional skater/biker kids around but no-one pays attention to them so they turned emo. We do have a school team called the "OILERS"...oiler colors are moroon and gold(gay) but at least there not Red and Blue....our sports teams think there all bad ass but in reallity the only team we beat is the shells, but thats not saying much. The one fun thing East Alton people do is go to wal-mart and walk around trying to find people they know then on the way home buy a humdinger and hitting some poor defensless person on the side of the road with it probably giving them a concussion, but who gives a fuck we're from East Alton!
Guy 1) Hey do you wanna hang out in east alton today?....

Guy 2) What the fuck are you on??? Wood River is llike 3 seconds away dumb ass!!!

Guy 1) oh ya.............
by S. Daveys June 01, 2009
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