Ears so big that only a Jew could hold their head up with them attached to his/her head
"Nigga that boi got Jewish ears!"
by Jew in kkk April 24, 2017
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A phrase said when the worst year in your life is over
1: 2021 is finally over!
2: Hap ear!
1: Hap ear to you too!
2: Wow!
by MIRAHQIsTheBestMap January 01, 2022
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When a man jerks off through a person's gauge stretched earlobe hole and then ejaculates into the person's ear.
As I gave him and 'inner ear injection' I thought to myself, "If I gauge my ears, will he do this for me?"
by @therealpopeyeschickensandwich October 15, 2020
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When you load up someone’s ear with bugs, beer, and three leaf clovers for cheating on you
Friend 1: Hey did you break up with Sarah after she cheated on you?
Friend 2: No, I just gave her the Irish ear bug and now we’re fine.
by Lin Gui Ni January 23, 2020
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The effect of sweat accumulating on your headset after playing for too long, as well as a temporary hearing loss due to setting the volume too high.
I played so much last night, I think I might end up with gamer ear.
by HiPeople MC October 05, 2020
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a south korean girl group member, lee mijoo wore cat ears during one of her performances and got many attention from knetizens
omg the girl with the cat ears is so extra!
by yeinanti May 25, 2018
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