A southern gentleman who is bizarre yet ah-dorable facial expressions. Usually is smart and likes music. Very soft-spoken and polite
That guy is so sweet! he is such an eagle
by justttinbeebebjskmonlivbettthe November 24, 2010
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(Adj.) A word meaning cool or chill. This word is only bested by the word hawk.
Natalie: Did you see Cristina's new haircut?
Renee: Yeah, it's so eagle.
by heyitsrenee March 30, 2010
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To sneakily dispose of ones drinks whilst drinking with friends.
Rich can't drink for shit, he is always eagling every time he is out with the lads.
by philMc July 5, 2013
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When you jump off of something and you want to get the impression that you are soaring
The man was standing on top on his bookshelf, and when he jumped off, he emitted a loud "EAGLE!"
by Peter S.. November 25, 2007
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"Oh man, look at that hawk!"
"Nah, man that's one big-ass bird. It must be an eagle."
by Appleanche September 27, 2014
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Someone who has a big ego! You should not compliment eagles!
Please don't give him anymore compliments, he is already a big enough eagle!
by Sammy Schade August 28, 2017
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Comin again to save the Mother Fuckin Day Yeah!
Eagles are the symbol of Freedom
by The Real Squib June 3, 2015
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