A MAJESTIC CREATURE THAT DESERVES ALL MANNER OF DEVOTION AND LOVE. It stands for liberty and justice and lets fly its red white and blue poop upon the communists and hippies of the world, spreading democracy one glorious star spangled dump at a time!
"Did you watch that eagle just tear off Osamas beard, light it on fire, and use it to burn him alive?"
by CaptainMurica September 16, 2013
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The Eagles will deffintley win the Super Bowl this year because they totally rock!
by Philly January 23, 2005
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When a girl gives handjobs to two men, one in each hand, whilst giving oral to another. The combined movement of the three activities gives the impression of an eagle squawking and flapping it's wings.
by dn November 12, 2004
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Referring to the spread-eagle sexual position, lying in a position with the legs and arms stretched out.
"Drop down and get your EAGLE on girl...I came here to ball, I ain't come out here to front." (Lyrics to Nelly's Flap Your Wings)
by pezastic October 17, 2004
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(n.) A golf score of two strokes under par on a hole.
I can't believe Bob shot an eagle on 15!
by tim September 07, 2004
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Comin again to save the Mother Fuckin Day Yeah!
Eagles are the symbol of Freedom
by The Real Squib June 02, 2015
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