Those mexican eagles will eat anything rotten off the ground and then turn around and throw up on your ass.
by Daddy's Bitch May 5, 2018
A Viking execution where a guy got his lungs pulled out his back, and if he made any noise or screamed in agony, he didn't make it to Valhalla.
The first guy took his bloody eagle like a man, the crowd didn't hear a peep out of him, but the second guy shit all over the place and wouldn't stop screaming. They illustrated that he died a coward on his runestone, so that future generations of his family would curse his name and call him a bitch in their language.
by The Original Agahnim June 18, 2021
A sexual position in which Billy does all the work.
"Hey girl, wanna fuck?"
"Yeah, only if it's Eagle Flight" Girl lays down and does nothing.
by 7seven7seven January 3, 2013
Blake eicharfson
Bailee: hwy blake you are an horny eagle
Blake: NoOoOo
by Blakeisahonryeagle July 22, 2019
Unit of measure equal to 7 feet. This is the average wingspan of an adult bald eagle. It is a freedom unit.
That basketball player is 1 bald eagle tall.

My car is two bald eagles long.
by xtremerange2 November 30, 2022
Even older than a turkey vulture and cougar. I.e. doesn't even need to wax anymore
She's too old to be a turkey vulture anymore, she's a bald eagle.

Look at that bald eagle spying on her next pray!!
by Piglet98 August 16, 2018