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Maximum security correctional facility for (wealthy) boys from all over the world. Located in the middle of NO WHERE (the sticks). Student body consists of 75% asian and 50% korean. 5% american, the rest, Mex.
I am going to go get a crepe made at Eaglebrook School. And then I am going back to my room to watch some serious porn. I love communal showers and fighting in them.
by Voltron5,000 December 20, 2008
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A prestigious all boys school located in Deerfield Massachusetts (literally the middle of nowhere). These boys enjoy juuling in their rooms. At events the Mexican boys fling themselves at girls begging them to get them to give them blowjobs. These boys are horny. Some of the most well-known Eaglebrook boys have been so honored to make gang symbols in the background of rap videos. Eaglebrook prides itself on having very good lacrosse players, although most of them are dochey and play Fortnite instead of actually practicing. Before sleeping with an Eaglebrook boy make sure to know that 90% of this population has chodes, this is penis that is wider than it is long.
eaglebrook school is a prep school filled with boys who have fragile masculinities

girl: hey
ebs boy: sup

girl: how are you doing
ebs boy: fine. wanna blow me?
girl: uhhhhh no
ebs boy: ugh whatever you’re fat anyway
by sydjoycejunkie April 02, 2018
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