A idea that was once brilliant, which aimed to unite Europe and allow it to stand up to the rest of the world through economic and political cooperation. In pratice an huge ineffective machine where nobody can agree with anyone. Moreover most of the european population either doesn't care or doesn't like it.
But by the way the EU political system makes about 50% of the laws of the countries in the union. The whole european political structure is governed by the "european commission" which is not even elected: what a great lesson of european democracy. Lets look at our problems before we laugh at the US elections. Please!
The pre-Irak war conflit is a perfect example of Europe being unable to speak in a clear and united voice.
by Ronto November 24, 2004
Initially a great idea to unite the whole of Europe into a pan-European Union, essentially a single country focusing on human rights, free trade, free movement of labour and a single currency, potentially one of the greatest political ideas of all time.

In reality the European Union is a Franco-German dictatorship in which the United Kingdom disagrees with/vetoes/opts out of 99% of the laws and the other member states have virtually no say in matters, even if they directly concern them.

The European Union is still a great concept though and if countries put aside their slight differences, focusing on their many similarities and also drop superficial arguments out loss of sovereignty then the EU will work and will be great.
People in the UK don't like the European Union, the common motto is "British is Best" and Britain should have control of 100% of all laws. Then again the British (and the individual countries before the union) have had control for over 1000 years and for the average man on the street life has been pretty shit, e.g. serfdom, disease, mass poverty, capital punishment etc. Yet since joining the EU living standards have improved dramatically and we are currently enjoying the best quality of life ever experienced on these wet and gloomy isles.
by Mr. Jingles Jr. August 21, 2008
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Originaly an idea to united all nations in Europe to profit and prosper in each others wealth and well being. In reality is an enoumous drain on each countries wealth as well as taking away member nations unique identity. Unfairly governed by the French and Germans.
Politian1: Lets spend our money on something worthwhile for our country
Politian2: Na lets blow it on the EU
by Dave McDave May 31, 2004
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An economic union of several European nations
Sod the EU, Home Rule for Britain!
by Rado December 20, 2004
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A bunch of 55 year old virgins who lead European countries into the ground. They're also censoring memes because fuck freedom of speech right guys?
Pewdiepie: The European Union are banning memes!
by TheIrishMadMan September 16, 2018
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An institution that would be useful if it hadn't just 1% of "federal" money and would finally create a real government and army. An anticipation of what has yet to happen in Europe, and which has already happened in America 200 or something years ago.
Despite several complaints that the European Union is getting too much money, this is in fact not so: "In the fifties, 17% of America's GDP went to the federal government. Now, this figure turns around 20%. In 1929, however, the year of the massive global economic crash, the federal government received only 1% of America's GDP," said Belgium's Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt.
by Smartaz January 31, 2006
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