Early Morning Sesh.
A session of smoking cannabis in the very early morning before doing anything else.
by dealergirl October 10, 2010
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A chatboard on Neopets.com.

Today, it is mostly compromised by n00bs, posers, and ugly, fat, Manga/Anime freaks.
However, a core of the regs of Old EMS still rule.

And the list goes on.
Unfortunatly, maybe 1 out of 5 of regs go on EMS every day.
n00b: omg tnt is SOOO meen they froz my main
Judas: Shut the Hell up, you illiterate idiot.
Arcane: GTHO of EMS. I hear the Newbie boards like people like you.
n00b: omg im reporting u

Judas: I have more accounts, you dimwit.
Arcane: Same here, you dolt.
by Arcane and Judas July 26, 2009
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1.OMG dis is nawt a wurrd!!!! ---deletedlete minimisse--*

2. A sexy little goat that you just can't keep your hands off of.

3. Barbie Vs. Spiderman
1. omg y r u so litrat???/?//
Becuse Ime smartur and mor intellectul than you. I spel corectly.

2. Yo homie, you're all up in my chick!
Sorry dude, she's just so EMSy.

3. OH MY GOD! It's a bug! SIKE.

4. Ok Michael, this is your last warning:
stop cheating on me with little Kelly or I'll put my pants back on!
by Queen Sarah the not-so-thrid December 02, 2005
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Europe MapleStory, a game which makes you become addicted and leeches your money + life.

a) dude you play EMS or GMS?
b) EMS FTW !!!


You have been playing MapleStory for 32 hour(s). We suggest you to take a break.

*keeps tapping to ctrl*
by xxxFangBladexxx0o0o October 18, 2010
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A type of bollo. Usually has brown hair and brown eyes and tends to love people called katie.
Guy 1: What's that girl Ems like?
Guy 2: She's a real mogey bollo.
by ems(: December 11, 2010
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Short for 'End My Suffering'
When you see something so cringeworthy you want to kill yourself or end your suffering.

emfs can also be used, meaning 'End my Fucking Suffering'.
-Have you seen the new trending hype, wearing leggings as pants?
*just ems
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